Friday, May 10, 2013

Buy Hacking Tools And Softwares, Learn Hacking and Cracking Online

For those of you who wish to buy hacking tools and as well join our hacking class, here are the available hacking tools/ softwares we sell and their prices.


With the help of this trojan, you can steal informations from any computer or device you install it on. You will have your own servers were the logs will be sent. You will get login infos to any website your victim enters, you will also get bank logins, credit card infos and other details if victim uses internet banking. PRICE: $500


This software adds money to your paypal account unlimitedly, from $100 to $10,000 depending on your account type. Its easy to use, PRICE: $1000.


This is a pro vpn software that allows you use a range of different countries ip unlimitedly. Its over 200 countries integrated on it. Why paying $50 monthly for those unreliable vpn while you can get a life time access to this software for just $500? PRICE: $500.


This is a pro email spider that generates fresh email  leads from different websites, search engines and servers, it automatically categorize   this leads into different categories like job seekers, work at home leads, consumer emails, investors, e.t.c. PRICE: $500.


Unlike other bulk/ mass mailing software you know, this our tool delivers all mails to inbox, no spams. It can send at least 750K mails per day. It notifies you when your clients opens the mail/ geographical location of clients. PRICE: $500.

If you wish to purchase any of our tools, email us here


If you wish to be one of our students, we do teach on skype and some lessons an conducted using team viewer for better understanding. Our fees is $1000 per month. You pay separately for tools if you need them


I had a deal with this hacker, I paid him for a trojan and I got download link few hours later, I followed the tutorial he sent on how to use the tool then i went to a public computer center and disabled their anti virus and installed it. I got home later in the day and checked my server and like a magic all the username, email and passwords enter on that pc during the day was right there before me. Its awful, thanks bro. He is legit

Hi there, i want to do business. I want to buy HACKDOO and PAYPAL ADder

Hi I want to buy the paypal money adder. Is it still available?

hi, i need a buy all type of hacking tool can u sall reply soon'''

Jason did you get PayPal money adder I'm very intrested in buying it please reply I'm from uk

Can the HACKDOO (TROJAN) be installed remotely? I need clarification house...

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